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evening. >> good evening. thank you very much for that and thank aut home for staying with us for the next hour. on july 27th, two and a half weeks ago democratic congressman frank cratovil was hanged in effigy outside his congressional office in maryland. the staged lynching, the well tied noose and all was gleefully staged by an antihealth care reform protestor. later that week on august 1st the democratic congressman from texas held a town hall event at a grocery store in austin to talk about health care reform. and antihealth care reform protestor there greeted him with a mock marble tombstone engraved with the congressman's name on it. two days after that on august 3rd democratic congressman brad miller of north carolina reported to the capitol hill police that he had received death threats over his support for health care reform. one antihealth care reform protestor called his d.c. office and told a staffer, quote, miller could lose his life over this. the very next day on august 4th the idea of a democratic congressman being killed because he supported health care reform became a pu
tactics here that can be used? i mean, can the rnc recruit the great '60s british rock band the zombies to get this message out? or like every other recording artists, will the zombies wind up for suing the rnc for stealing its songs? >> that's a good point. there actually are republicans that could help us in a zombie outbreak. general colin powell for one. but i don't think they're talking to him right now. >> is there anybody else? is there anyone to turn to in the event of a zombie attack that must inevitably follow in this health care debate, max? >> well, i think a lot of moderate, rational republicans would be great on our team. and they're going to listen to rush instead. >> plus, if the zombies are looking for brains, they'll only eat the democrats. max brooks, the author of "the zombie survival guide." great thanks and give your father my best. >> thank you, sir. >>> that's "countdown" for this, the 2,308th day since the previous president declared mission accomplished in iraq. i'm keith olbermann. and as keith roberts used to sign off, we thank you and we bid you good night.
and as john charles daly used to sign off, good night and a good tomorrow. now to analyze the gop's new patients bill of rights that defends the kind of health care the president is proposing, ladies and gentlemen, sitting in for rachel maddow, here is allison stewart. >> good evening. thanks so much to you. unfortunately rachel is officially under the weather tonight. we'll do our very best to keep the candle burning. we have a loaded show with big names. we'll have insight on the release of the cia report and dr. howard dean will be here to discuss the rnc's latest health care reform foray and we'll weed whack through the latest antireform myths about the va health care. we'll begin with what's called the big kahuna on this show, a cia report detailing interrogation techniques including torture against prisoners in u.s. custody. the heavily anticipated report was finally made public today after months of delay and the details are significant and kind of gross. the now declassified report is still extremely redacted so large portions look something like this. but the pages that are not
them talking points to use there. and they try to get them fired up. here for example is the fire them up message from a speaker on mr. phillips' patients first bus tour, which yesterday held an event in pueblo, colorado. >> if this new obama care program comes to fruition, when you reach 65 and every five years thereafter you're going to have a counseling session with some federal airhead. part of this process is called end of life counseling and part of the end of life counseling can be an end of life order. adolph hitler issued 6 million end of life orders. he called his program the final solution. i kind of wonder what we're going to call ours. if you find all this stuff is as repugnant as i do you need to take it to the next step. you need to notify your congressman. how do you notify these people? you can call them. you can write them. you can e-mail them. or you can go to their office and put the fear of god in them. >> put the fear of god in them. because what obama is doing with killing all these people like sarah palin said, that's like what hitler did and you know what hitle
regardly used exception to the 51-vote rule and they've turned it into a new rule. it's called the filibuster and means that the minority won't even allow something to be voted on without 60 senators giving it the nod. here's a little chart ha shows the use of the filibuster over time. see that huge spike at the end? that's what happened after the 2006 election in terms of the use of the filibuster when the republicans became the minority in the senate. that's how frequently they started filibustering stuff. instead of the filibuster being an exciting rare exception, when republicans lost their majority in the senate, they started filibustering everything. forcing democrats to get not just a simple a1-vote majority to pass legislation, but the 60 votes that would be needed to break the filibuster. 60 votes became the new rule. so, in other words, they did this. they changed a basic rule of the game order to make it harder for the democrats to score. and by and large the democrats just went along with it. they just accepted that the basket is suddenly 20% higher. they've trained
, right and center agrow on, scare tactics have been used. >> cannot have a government program that is going to pull the plug on grandma. >> republicans have a better solution that will not put seniors in a position of being put to death by their government. >> a lot of people are going to die. this program of government options is going to kill people. >> and no one's trying to scare people with sound bites. i don't know any leaders in the house and the senator who have done that. yeah, strike two. then there was strike three. a republican party mailer being sent across the country with was surfaced online today. called the 2009 future of american health care survey and it claims to be a friendly questionnaire about health care, sent by, rnc chairman michael steele who promises that, of course, no one's trying to scare people, the survey questions about house reform include, "it has been suggested that the government could use voter re h registration. prompting fears that gop voters might be discriminated against for medical treatment in a democratic imposed health care ratio
could think of that is that crazy has already been actually used by these people. there are these crazy conspiracy theories about health care reform on the one hand. and on the other hand there are these organized efforts to shut down political debate about health care by using angry crowds to take over town hall meetings and chase congressmen through parking lots. these two observable facts about the antihealth care reform forces, it turns out, are really one big thing. do yourself a favor if you have a moment and you're online and go to the website recess rally.com. it's a very nice website. very slick. got a big stop sign right there in the middle above the list of all the town hall rallies they expect you to go to and disrupt. the tag line up there you can see is we the people say no to socialized health care. we the people. that's how the republican party has been describing these town hall takeovers, too. putting out a statement today saying democrats should stop being so upset about them. quote, what democrats call mob rule, the average american calls democracy. these kinds of de
with us for the next hour. whether or not we are going to get health care reform at last in this country depends now mostly on the united states senate. the top republican in the united states senate on health care reform is this man. >> i think the best thing to do is want to get people to think about ending life, number one, place to start. the physical life. opposed to eternal life. it ought to be done within the family and considered religious and ethical issue and not something politicians need restricted. >> not something politicians deal with. top republican in the senate on the issue of health care. iowa senator chuck grassley and he says what happens at the end of your life is something for -- within your family. not something politicians should deal with. big round of applause for him on that. honestly, though, can you imagine that something as important as a person's circumstances at the capital end would be something politicians would even think they have to right to comment on? let alone intervene in. can you even imagine that? >> extraordinary circumstances like this, it is
the joke is on us. >> yeah. do we really need this? like, hey, you know, sure. you totally torpedoed any chance of health reform in this country but have you heard that guy's christopher walken? because it is hilarious. yeah. enough. enough. i don't want that. >> what was the name of the puppet? by the way -- >> this would be pashtun hulk hogan. >> pashtoon hulk hogan. good night pashtoon hulk hogan. >> bye, keith. >> bye. bye, christian finnegan. thanks very much. any time you have a bill hicks reference go for it, babe. all right. that's "countdown" for this the 2,297th day. keep bill alive. since the previous president declared mission accomplished in iraq. i'm keith olbermann. thank you for your time. now, let me see if i got this straight. you got dick armey fired and you're on "meet the press" with dick armey. here is rachel maddow. >> that's putting a blunt point on it. >> it's a dramatic circumstance in which to make pie "meet the press debut" although i'm not going to claim credit for getting anybody fired. >> well, separated? removed? distanced? >> thanks, keith. >> good evenin
counselor in my home. the u.s. senate doesn't take its recess for another week but democratic senator arlen specter got a taste of what his time off might be like at recess during a town hall event he held in philly yesterday with health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. >> i am not a member of congress, have never been. >> we actually had to narrow down the pile of footage that we had like this from just the last few days in order to figure out what to show in the time we had available on the show. we could have spent the entire hour showing tape like this. the more time you spend looking into this seemingly organic outrage at the town hall meetings the more clear it is that this isn't organic at all. this is orchestrated outrage. there is a script for this stuff. it was written before these events happened and it appears to be instructions to people to shut down these efforts at civic discourse. the website think progress obtained a leaked memo from a group that calls itself right principles. the three-page memo details how protestors should behave at town hall events under
with their families. while this is unusual and it was virtually unheard of during the bush era, the use of high-profile, unofficial ambassadors -- for example, like president clinton -- to negotiate with north korea, it's not a totally new idea. jimmy carter met with the country's founder, kim il-sun in 1994. that led to a nuclear freeze that only fell apart nine years later during the george w. bush administration. bill clinton sent secretary of state madeleine albright to meet with kim jong-il in 2000 and twice in the 1990s. then-congressman and now governor bill richardson of new mexico went to north korea himself to secure the release of american prisoners. joining us now is governor bill richardson of new mexico. governor, thank you very much for your time tonight. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, rachel. >> first of all, you must be delighted with this news today. >> well, i am delighted. i spoke to lisa ling, who's related to one of the two american journalists, and she was ecstatic. and i kind of have been working on this with the state department and with the north koreans and this
's bygones be bygones. things really have not changed, however, in the u.s. senate. senator kent conrad, a democrat who's been at the center of the health care legislation debate, had this to say about the public option this weekend -- >> there are not the votes in the united states senate for the public option. there never have been, so to continue to chase that rabbit, i think, is just a wasted effort. >> no votes, never have been. that was sunday. senator conrad today is actually saying exactly the same thing. >> there have never been the votes in the united states for public option. that's just a fact. >> the white house may be back to supporting a public option, but the key democrats in the senate, democratic senators like kent conrad, no. they are not on board with the public option. they are saying it's not even possible. they do not seem to be changing their mind about it. not yet at least. but behold, in the other house of congress, in the house of representatives, we have spotted that rarest of all political animals, long thought to have been extinct. it is the liberal hardlin
care in the u.s. there is one side wanting to talk about that. but the other side, the conservative side, just wants the whole discussion to not happen at all. it's not a fight over how to fix the american health care system. it's people who want to fix the health care system versus people who don't even want this conversation to happen. and who want to make sure that nothing happens to the current health care system. today, we have confirmation that what it has seemed like is exactly what it is. greg sargent at the website the plum line uncovered details of a conference call that was held last week on some of the organizers of the town hall disruptions. according to someone who was on that call, the explicit goal of the disruptions, as stated by the protest organizers, is, quote, not to find a solution to the health care crisis. the moderator of the conference call -- again, this is a conference call of the organizers of the town hall protests. the moderator of the call said, quote, the goal is not compromise. and any bill coming out this year would be a failure for us. yet another
the inaugural lunch causes concern. >> right now a part of me is with him. and i think that's true for all of us. this is a joyous time. but it's also sobering time. >> still, his cancer battle does not dampen his spirits. >> when the kennedy story is told 100 years from now, it will have to be told as each brother fell the next one took over. joe junior died in world war ii. then jack kennedy became the kennedy to take the banner of political life over for the family. when jack died, it was bobby. and when bobby died, it was teddy. and after they were all dead, he remained on the scene for decades as a public figure, as a senator, and somebody who believed in the causes that they had believed in and tried to carry them forward. >> senator edward kennedy spent decades in congress fighting for liberal causes. his legacy, public service and his concern for america's least powerful. as he said so many years ago, the work goes on, the cause endures, and the dream will never die. that's all for this edition of "headliners and legend," i'm lester holt. thank you for watching. >>> the kennedy brothers,
of washington. i see real opportunities for us." we've got fear, anger, frankly we're psyched. another congressman, another republican congressman, is actually making jokes about the death threats and the other threats of violence against democrat. little known congressman todd aiken of missouri, now officially has something that he will be known for. >> a different people in d.c., come back to their districts and town hall meetings and almost got lynched. if you're not -- because we don't want to do that, but the point is people were really upset at some of this legislation. >> that video was shot at a forum held by congressman aiken earlier this week. joked about linking and getting a big laugh, i don't want to step on the joke or anything, but i do sort of worry about threatening violence and saying it would be justified for political reasons, given even just our recent history as a country. when dr. george tiller was murdered in turned out his alleged killer was seeped in extreme rhetoric and reasoning of the extreme anti-abortion movement and sthar porters in the conservative medi
, with the last word for us and great thanks for it and your time tonight, sir. >> a pleasure, keith. be well. >> one final note which may summarize how senator edward moore kennedy sr. did what deand left the wake that he has left. it may come across as self-important. if it does i'm sorry. i'm actually just a bit player in this anecdote. my last contact with the senator came the day before the inauguration at a luncheon his son ted jr. introduced himself and said his father had hoped to be with him for the specific purpose of telling me this. but that he was husbanding his faculties for the big day that was to follow. and he decided to stay in. my father wanted you to know, he told me, that he was always a viewer but since he's been at home so much you've become his newscast. so he said, tell keith to keep up the good work. it was a compliment and then came the instruction wrapped in humor. he also said, don't screw it up because he's watching. a lesson one hopes for those who follow him in this fight for reform nand in all things. good night and good luck. here now, chris matthews and the
, good evening, keith, thank you. >> and thank you at home for staying with us. tonight we will look at the latest from some of the folks who have been getting extra rich thanks to the health care system staying just the way it is. senator barbara boxer will be joining us as will former health insurance executive wendall potter and the radical anti-abortion movement is trying to turn the accused assassin of dr. george tiller into one of its leaders and rod blagojevich gets caught on tape again in a totally new unnerving way. all coming up this hour but we begin tonight with the ferocious campaign to kill health care reform in this country and an investigation into who is really behind t.out of all the kooky conspiracy theories being peddled right now about health care reform, that health care reform is going to mandate abortio aborti abortions, that health care reform will mandate free section changes, there's one particular conspiracy theory that has managed to gain the most traction by far and it's the idea that health care reform is just a secret plot to kill the elderly. conspire
if you really could do that if you were on a grass roots budget? they told us they would get back to us. what's important about this story for american politics right now is that a number of oil companies that are members of the american petroleum institute who are represented by the american petroleum institute in washington claim to be in favor of the climate change legislation. these companies claim to be in favor of the legislation that this rally in houston and many others like it are being held to oppose. the companies are in favor of the legislation but belong to an organization that's against it. that is telling them to even have their employees go to these rallies to put a human face on the opposition. the sort of weird and contradictory, right? actually it's not weird at all. it's exactly the way these things work. these guys are pros. here's another example. this is united for health reform.com. it's a very lovely sort of relaxing website almost. very well laid out. it has an image of a happy family doing stretches in a field. they're surrounded by the message, tell congress
the way it is. barbaraboxer will be joining us as well as wendell potter. >>> also the radical anti-abortion movement is trying to turn the accused assassin into one of the new leaders. >>> plus rod blagojevich gets caught on tape again, but in a totally new unnerving way. that is all coming up this hour. >>> but we begin tonight with the ferocious campaign to kill health care reform in this country. and an investigation into who's really behind it. >>> out of all of the cookie conspiracy theorys being peddled about health care reform, that health care reform is going to mandate abortions, that health care reform will mandate free sex changes. there's one particular conspiracy theory that has managed to gain the most traction by far. and it is the idea that health care reform is really just a secret plot to kill the elderly. from street corner screams to republican members of congress all maintain that the provision and the health care bill that says medicare will pay for the consultation if you want to get a living will, even though was that championed by conservative pro-life sena
. it's the same kind of system that the general public uses in england. well, here in the u.s. a right wing group opposed to health care reform called conservatives for patients' rights has tried to convince americans that british people hate their health care system. they've produced ads like this one purporting to show real british people warning americans about how bad their british nhs is. the actual british people who ended up in those ads now say they were duped. they say they actually support the nhs and they're horrified to learn they are being used to discredit it. another big long-standing american pilot project for how to change health care is medicare. medicare is single payor health care. in medicare the doctors and nurses don't work for the government. the hospitals can still be private, even for profit, but the government provides the health insurance. they are the single payor. it essentially takes a huge bulk of administrative costs for all the private insurance companies out of the system and you end up with medicare. you end up with a system that americans have a muc
had just been killed. joining us with this exclusive report is msnbc contributor and "newsweek" investigative correspondent mike isokoff. your sources are describing what are in this report. how confident are you that it's going to come out this monday? >> i'm pretty confident. this report has been delayed four times. the release of this has been driven by the aclu's freedom of information act lawsuit, the cia and justice department has been under directive from the federal judge to release the report. they were going to two or three times before they asked for delays. this is the deadline. monday is the deadline. and all expectations are that, a, declassified version of the report will be released on monday. it will still contain redactions, about half of the report, i'm told, will still be redakted. but what is in the half that is going to be publicly released is going to be pretty explosive. >> the context here is critical. and, you know, we've seen these memos from john yu and other bush administration lawyers per po purporting to okay what other people find torture techniq
and those of us in the arts really have loved senator kennedy also. it's how we met through music through singing and it was rare that we wouldn't greet each other with not a hello but a spontaneous duet of "some enchanted evening" or "oh, what a beautiful morning" and i have to say to my heart, ear, and mind, he is one of my favorite singers ever because he sang with his heart. singing notes is easy, singing from your heart is hard. and he sang as he lived his life and as he did everything else. and there's a song that i sang for him at one of his birthdays quite a few years ago. and i can't sing it now without thinking of him. it's about an impossible dreamer, somebody who dreams the impossible to make the impossible possible. the quest is what's important. and i have to say now that senator kennedy and this song will forever share a very special place in my heart. ♪ to dream the impossible dream ♪ ♪ to fight the unbeatable foe ♪ to bear with up bearable sorrow ♪ ♪ to run where the brave dare not go ♪ ♪ to right the unrightable wrong ♪ ♪ to love pure and chased from
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declared mission accomplished in iraq. keith olbermann and as john charles daly used to sign off, good night and a good tomorrow. now to analyze the gop's new patients bill of rights that defends the kind of health care the president is proposing, ladies and gentlemen, sitting in for rachel maddow, here is allison stewart. but did you know you also get hotel price assurance? it's a one-two punch of savings -- pow! pow! lower hotel bookinfees mean you get a lower total price. plus, if another orbitz customer then books the same hotel for less, we send you a check for the difference, automatically. the blue goes on the left. (announcer) getting ready for the big game? ohhhh... bring it. bounty extra soft-- the bounty with a little extra softness! it's super absorbent. and it works extra hard for your money. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty extra soft out-scrubs two sheets of the bargain brand. game on. bounty extra soft. look for new prints. ♪ take me home ♪ take me home ♪ tmy family ♪ ♪ i need to be surrounded by [ female announcer ] clean you can see. softness you can fe
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